I've come across a fascinating read regarding a part of history that I was never aware of, right here in our own state. It's Verlaine Stoner McDonald's "The Red Corner; The Rise and Fall of Communism in Northeastern Montana". As a matter of fact, the book that we're currently reading up at the Marias Heritage Center on the Hi-Line has a section devoted to those times earlier in the century over in Northeastern Montana. At the time, there was not only an active Communist Party, there was even a "local" Communist newspaper published over in those parts. AND some folks around here complain about the Great Falls Tribune! Why & how Communism was alive & active at that particular time in that particular place (Northeastern Montana) is well explained in "The Red Corner; The Rise and Fall of Communism". It's captivating reading for sure, especially for those of us living out here in Montana. I assume many, like myself, were not aware that back in the 1920's, Communism was so prevalent right out here under the Big Sky. Check out the book from the Montana Historical Society at; montanahistoricalsociety.org. I'm glad I came across this tome, now...the NEXT time our Shelby Mayor, Dr. Larry J. Bonderud calls me a "Commie Pinko" on his Monday morning radio program, I'll know what he is talking about!