Scores from Saturday
Northwestern A/Whitefish Boys

Whitefish 72, Ronan 65 (loser-out)
Libby 65, Columbia Falls 61 (loser-out)
Whitefish 65, Libby 59 (third place) OT
Browning 78, Polson 50 (championship)

Northwestern A/Whitefish Girls

Ronan 49, Whitefish 35 (loser-out)
Libby 49, Polson 34 (loser-out)
Libby 48, Ronan 26 (third p…
Today’s SPORTS Schedule On KSEN & KZIN
We'll see the end (in most cases at least) of the District tournaments today. We'll be courtside in Great Falls, Hamilton and Shelby bringing you the action all day!
On KZIN FM 96.7 we'll be getting started at 9 am with the North Toole County boys taking on Cascade in 10C loser-out action, at 10:30 a…
Scores from Friday
District 9C/Havre Boys

Big Sandy 54, Chester-Joplin-Inverness 47 (loser-out)
Turner 74, Box Elder 70 (OT, loser-out)
Chinook 74, North Star 34 (semifinal)
Fort Benton 64, Hays-Lodgepole 52 (semifinal)

District 9C/Havre Girls 

North Star 49, Chinook 31 (loser-out)
Turner 76, Hays-Lodgepole 50 (loser-out)
MSU algae research could make biofuel production more economical
BOZEMAN — In an effort to improve the feasibility of a renewable energy source, Montana State University researchers are exploring a potential breakthrough in producing biofuel from algae.
Backed by a $3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, the research team — which includes scientists f…
Today’s SPORTS Schedule On KSEN & KZIN
It's Friday. It's February. It's Frenzied! On KZIN FM 96, we'll be ON THE AIR at 8:00 this morning from Havre with the CJI taking on Big Sandy to stay alive in the 9C from Havre. Then we'll head back down to Great Falls to catch the Valier Lady Panthers taking on Dutton/Brady in the 10C, we'll switc…
Scores from Thursday
Boys District 10C/CMR Fieldhouse Thursday

Power 44, Cascade 33
Great Falls Central 67, Augusta 37
Dutton-Brady 48, Valier 29 (loser-out)

Girls District 10C/CMR Fieldhouse Thursday

Heart Butte 39, Sunburst 34 (loser-out)
Power 42, Great Falls Central 29 (semifinal)
Simms 48, Cascade 33 (semifinal)

Boys Distr…
How’s My Driving?
Our City of Shelby Newsletter has some excellent winter driving tips in the January issue. Although we're all familiar with what we SHOULD do & SHOULD know pertaining to getting through this winter safely & securely, why not look over these lifesaving tips on checking our vehicles, organizin…
They’re All Up On The Worldwide Web!
WOW! What a SPORTS weekend here in our Golden Triangle. ALL the scores from yesterday's (Wednesday's) games are up on both our station websites: & Today's (Thursday's) schedule has already been posted on the web. ALL the brackets are up to date too &…

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