A "Micro Brew", that is! There's going to be "Micro Brew" tasting going on this evening (Wednesday) down at the Conrad Summer Market Festival. AND Micro Brew tasting is not all! There's going to be live entertainment on TAP along with kids activities. & dig this: the CASA/Gal "Strut Your Stuff Anything Goes" cook off will be cooking right along with the winner receiving a PRIZE AND bragging rights. It's all comes alive at 5 & goes until 7:30 this evening at the Conrad Swimming Pool Park. Ah, summertime & the living is easy! See you in Conrad tonight for the Conrad Summer Market Festival. It's going to be a "Festival of FUN! Oh yeah, you may have noticed that the beer glass on my blog is "half empty." Not that I see life as "the glass is half empty" or anything like that, but rather, I was "sampling" while I was writing this Puffman Blog....it was good, not too hoppy.