Actually, NOT! That's what the Gabby Cabby, Peter Franklin, the New York City Cab Driver says, & he'll be joining me this afternoon (Thursday) around 4:40 on the Puffman Show. According to Franklin's True Tales (check out his website at:, "students at several area NY high schools are holding strategy sessions to discuss potential lunch strikes, over what they called inadequately sized meals. New federal guidelines stemming from first lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign have resulted in limits on protein & bread, & an increase in vegetables & fruits. The changes have also come at an increased cost. They think what they eat is not the business of Mrs. President". Get this from a guy who brown bags it & eats in the backseat. It doesn't take much to get the Gab Man fired up. In fact, I think it will be interesting to "time" how many minutes & seconds into this afternoon's broadcast before he blows another gasket. I figure about 18 or 20 seconds into the show! Perhaps it's the stress of driving for a living in New York City traffic that seems to keep Pete on the edge. Better him than me! I remember when I was a kid, my parents used to say, "you'd better pay attention & study hard in school, or you'll end up being a garbage man". Maybe they should have said "a cab driver!" The adventures of the Gabby Cabby with Puff later on today on KSEN AM 1150.

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