It sure caught my attention when I checked out the Gabby Cabby's True Tales for this week on his website,, so I think it best that I give the driver of the Yellow Mobile Conveyance Lounge a call on the "Horn" this afternoon (Monday) & find out what IS going on in AND outside the cab. I encourage YOU to check out Peter's True Tales as the Gab Man has dedicated his website this week to Major Richard Gordon. Gordon was one of the few American soldiers to have survived the infamous Bataan Death March. Pete tells me that Richard is up in heaven now, having come home after the end of the war to live his American dream. & dig this! The man NEVER bought a Sony or a Honda! I'll have Peter Franklin, aka the Gabby Cabby on the line with me this afternoon (Monday) Long Distance live from New York City at 4:35 this afternoon & it should be a blast. A blast of quite what, I do not know...insults, threats, tight jaws? We'll find out later today. & Happy Memorial Day from the Puffman Blog.