AND...he's a punk too. That's what the Gabby Cabby says, & the Gab Man's jaws are tight. BUT...I'll try to bring a smile to Franklin's face when I phone him this afternoon (Thursday) during the 4 o'clock hour on the Puffman Show. The driver of the big yellow mobile conveyance lounge says that NBC newsman Brian Williams is not only a punk, but a liar who has hurt people like MEin the swinging, swirling media world. Gabby jabs that there are now millions of TV & radio (that's me) listeners throughout the world who don't trust what they hear on the ether waves. I'll find out more from Pete this afternoon. I WILL say, that during William's 6 month suspension from the network, if he needs to call a cab for a ride to the unemployment office, he'd best not call Pete! My opinion on the Williams fiasco? They just don't make newscasters like Gabriel Heatter anymore. We'll find out more at 4:35 this afternoon on the Puffman Show where you can TRUST what you hear(!)...most of the time.