I was at the Marias Heritage Center last evening (Tuesday) reading our Montana History and I was able to conclude the late William Yenne's (it rhymes with penny) tome, "Switchback". Most interesting, the man spent almost all of his life working for the National Park Service, most of it at Glacier. We enjoyed his adventures in the great Bob Marshall Wilderness as well. Next Tuesday, I've got a really neat book to commence. It's written by Ed Kemmick who's the City Lights columnist at the Billings Gazette. Easy Ed's book is "The Big Sky, By and By-True Tales, Real people and Strange Times in the Heart of Montana. "It's a wonderful blend of humor and insight, exploring the idiosyncrasies of human nature with his own unique worldview" according to New West Magazine. There's folks from all over Montana in this read including Evel Knievel, The Petrified Man, and the Montana Bar in Miles City. About the only person that didn't make the book is Darrell Keck out at the Dixie Inn! Looking forward to another Tuesday evening of reading Montana History in the sun room at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. I might bring Darrell along for the ride!