hat's the title of New York Times bestselling author John Weisman" and Mr. Weisman is going to be my special guest on Thursday,  the first day of December  at 4:35 on the Puffman Show. Dan Rather says this book is "a stunner and a riveting read. KBL is rife with realism and a true-to-life portrayal of hard-core warriors, their ethos and their world" and we all know that Rather's not one to jump to conclusions!? I'll be giving away a hardcover copy (thanks to HarperCollinsPublishers) right after my interview with John tomorrow afternoon. Weisman, by the way, is a 7 times New York Times bestselling author and is one of a select company of authors to have their books on both the Times nonfiction and fiction bestseller lists. Since 2003 he has appeared on more than 130 radio and television shows as an expert on terrorism and intelligence matters. I'll find out how much he knows about "Musical Trivia"  while I've got him on the line two weeks from tomorrow!