Blackfeet release man jailed for criticism

(Information in the following story is from: Flathead Beacon,

KALISPELL, Mont. (AP) — A Blackfeet tribal member has been released after spending five days in jail over Facebook postings critical of the tribe's governing council.

Bryon Farmer is accused of violating a tribal ordinance outlawing statements meant to harm, discredit or expose a council member to hatred, ridicule or contempt.

Farmer's postings on the Blackfeet Against Corruption Facebook page have targeted the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council led by Chairman Willie Sharp, Jr.

Farmer was arrested Friday, a day before he said he planned to unveil a float at North American Indian Days that would show the Blackfeet people won't tolerate corrupt leaders.

Farmer was released Tuesday evening after posting $500 bail.

Sharp tells the Flathead Beacon the tribal council was worried that Farmer might incite violence during the annual event.