I'm blogging about about Lone Wolf Poet John Hospokda's ENHANCED e-Book, "South Side Trilogy; A Literary Picture Show". John's tome follows the unexpectedly creative & culturally curious lives of characters from a fictional, toilsome South Side of Chicago neighborhood, Hardscrabble (actually based on 2 real South Side neighborhoods, Pilsen & the infamous Bridgeport-the author's home), consists of video, soundtrack music, original music, performed monologues (audio), character slide show with monologue, illustration & art, & links to an index. This all blows my mind...I just recently learned how to put pictures on my blog posts!! The ol' computer learning curve isn't a "curve" for this semi-old guy, it's a MOUNTAIN! The Lone Wolf Poet here, John Hospodka, has quite the presentation here..."South Side Trilogy" introduced the soul of a Chicago that has one hand in the pocket of its own death & the other hand in the pocket of its own ghost. As revealed through the varied literary techniques & sound that compose this innovative & sensory experience, Hardscrabble is the purgatory into which Chicago has arrived to gather a few breaths before being seized by the uneasy obligations of her own confessions; & it is the neighborhood into which Hospodka's vision has come to lurk amongst the South Side's imagination & bestow a mercy-tinged, yet unapologetic voice upon the American literary landscape. Hospoka says, "A Literary Picture Show is designed to bring poetry outside of it's box-to bring poetry to people, not just poets. With involving multimedia in a literary endeavor the skepticism has tended towards questioning at what point is the endeavor no longer a novel or a poem? Doesn't the multimedia distract from the endeavor's literary merit with superfluous video, audio, et al.?" The Literary Picture Show is in part a reaction to this skepticism & takes the 1st step int trying to develop a way by which the multimedia can be ingratiated into the poet's literary coding-become part of the text, as it were...In the end, a Literary Picture Show, the poet must reach out unapologetically  towards irreverence, bringing to the poetry world's staid table an offering rendered from the heretofore "sophomoric" endeavor of entertainment." To cut to the chase here as I'm running out of letters & words on my keyboard(!), this is Lone Wolf Poet John Hospokda's 1st attempt that endeavors to discover a more relevant future for the enhanced eBook & the "old school" crafts of poetry & prose. Because of its interactive experience, "South Side Trilogy; A Literary Picture Show" can only be experienced via iOS devices-iPad, iPhone etc.-& is available through iTunes bookstore (at least until other devices catch up!).Check it out from Bohemian Pupil Press at: www.bohemianpupil.com AND check out the cool picture that I have figured out how to place here on my Puffman Blog!