It's a brand new year, & we're ready for more Montana History up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. I'll be there at 6 o'clock SHARP tonight to continue reading the saga & times of Charles E. Conrad. Although we're half way through the book, "Half Interest in a Silver Dollar," I'm still not sure if Charles E. Conrad is the fellow who Conrad was named for. I'm not even sure if the man was EVER in Conrad, but I suspect that he at least passed through a time or two in the olden days. Mr. Conrad "made his mark" in Fort Benton &, of course, later on, in Kalispell. None the less, it's a good read & what can you say about a fellow who took 34 years to build his fortune & empire, yet in less than 20 years it was down the drain. See you this evening at 6 for more Montana History!