Earlier this morning, I blogged on "Feet." Now, allow me to submit that moss doesn't grow under Conrad, Montana sculptor, author & celebrity Dale's Sheldon's feet. "Dangerous" Dale's signature bronze, "Paco", has been selected for inclusion in Paris Gibson Square's 19th Annual Art Auction down in the "Electricity City." This exhibition & fundraising event down at the museum generates funds to continue supporting quality exhibitions & programs through the year. ALL of the items to be auctioned will be on display at Paris Gibson Square through Saturday, April 9th. The auction takes place at Paris Gibson Square in Great Falls ON April 9th. All of Dale's bronzes can be seen in Room 202 at the Holiday Inn this Wednesday through Sunday. If you're one of the few who haven't read's Dale's saga, "Who Lost? The Autobiography of a Blind Man with Great Vision," you don't know what you're missing!  It's ONE fantastic read. Dale Sheldon, he's one of us, & we're proud of him. No doubt about it, being blind helps Dale "see the world around him." Be sure & SEE Dale this week in Great Falls.