Veteran photographer/author Eric G. La Price's brand new book, "Best Foot Forward" is a FUN & interesting addition to any coffee table. The book is a literal play on the English idiom, "Put your best foot forward," & it's filled with tons of creative photography, much interesting reading & many unusual factoids. When I took my initial glance at the book, it, looked to me, like it was a big book with a bunch of pictures of women's feet! I soon discovered that "Best Foot Forward" is an impressive compendium of full color photographs showcasing a wealth of visual examples on how women decorate their feet with jewelry, footwear, & tattoos. Comprised of a section on high heels, as well as a section on flats, section on sandals, a section on pedicures, a section on tattoos, a section on toe rings, & a section on other foot jewelry. In other words, " It IS a big book with a bunch of pictures of women's feet!" "Best Foot Forward" is a fascinating browse & a unique volume of photographic documentation on body art focused exclusively on women's feet. Like the Puffman Show, it's unique & engaging,& AND it's enhanced with an informative text & photographs captions. I would love to write some of the captions for this little gem! Check out "Best Foot Forward" by Eric G. La Price by visiting:, & then listen to WIN this beautiful coffee table presentation this afternoon (Monday) at 4:30 on Puffman Musical Trivia. I've come up with a "Nautical" musical trivia question for this afternoon & the 1st caller in with the correct answer WINS thee "Foot" book. But wait...there's more! I'll be speaking with Eric G. la Price long distance LIVE from California right before I give the book away. See you today at 4:30 on Puffman "Feet" Musical Trivia! It's no small feat running the musical trivia contest either.