'SPRING AHEAD FALL BACK." These are my 4 words of advice this morning on my Puffman Blog, which will be the LAST Puffman Blog I do when we're operating in the Mountain STANDARD Time Zone. Come tonight (Saturday), 2 in the morning, we'll all get up, turn the clocks ahead 1 hour, go back to bed, & when we get up at the crack of dawn, we'll all be running in the DAYLIGHT Time Zone. Things will be an hour earlier or later depending on how one looks at it. Personally, I've been opposed to this "Daylight Savings Deal for years. I've always felt that it put the poor drive in theatre guys out of business. Still, all in all, most of the time it's best to go along to get along & stand under the radar. I'll have to go along with it. I already have my alarm set for 2 this morning in order that I change all my clocks, watches, & sundial.