I knew a woman named "Butter" years back but Elaine Khosrova's new tome has nothing to do with this woman. Elaine's book IS "Butter: A Rich History," & with the narrative flair of Mark Kurlansky & the culinary curiosity of Michael Pollan, Elaine tells the RICH story of one of our most unassuming ingredients. Did you know although our friend, the cow, is the most common source of milk for butter, throughout history butter has also been made from the milk of sheep, goats, water buffalo, yak, horses, camels, & even the REINDEER! This is just one of the FUN facts from "Butter: A Rich History" by Elaine Khosrova. Check out some of the sample recipes in the "Butter-Book" like German pancakes & butterscotch pudding & be sure to check out the book from Alonquin Books. My late father told me one time that "I didn't know which side my bread was buttered on." Without missing a beat, I shot back, "It's doesn't matter pop, I eat both sides. I'm the Puffman!"