More than 1500 Big Sky Resort employees chowed down this Christmas season as the result of Big Sky thanking them for all their hard work. The resort hosted a holiday dinner for their loyal employees, many of whom spent their holidays away from their families. This holiday meal tradition is more than a decade old. Big Sky Resort hosts a dinner of prime rib, roasted turkey, SMASHED potatoes, Brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes & a dozen different kinds of pies for it's employees, who are prepping for one of the resort's busiest times of the season. It's customary for the resort's management staff to serve the food, bus the tables & clean the dishes but DIG THIS: General Manager Taylor Middleton carved the turkey while Mountain Operations Director Mike Unruh carved up the prime rib. Even Santa Claus entered in grand fashion toward the end of the meal & made his way around the Missouri Ballroom to take photos with the excited crowd. Don't fall down Santa Claus...judging by your girth, you could well roll down the Big Sky Resort slopes! Big Sky Resort employs about 600 new out-of-state workers this year & roughly 114 international employees.