It's that time of year again when communities across the country dust off their shovels & rakes & take part in Arbor Day activities that improve neighborhoods, brighten city parks, clean roadways, & foster care & concern for the communities in which they life. Spring truly IS here, temperatures will be in the 50's this week AND Easter is Sunday.. Next month, Friday, April 26th has been proclaimed Arbor Day here in Shelby. Our mayor, His Worship, Dr. Larry J. Bonderud, besides saying "Puffman"" & "oh darn" on the radio, is asking all area businesses, groups, service organizations, clubs, & individuals to step up & participate in an Arbor Day project. Mayor Lar' is hoping that you might select a park, baseball field area, fence line, roadway, or other area of our community that needs cleaning. 1st thing that comes to my mind is my DESK! Our Community Economic Development Director & "sometimes guest on the Puffman Show, Lorette Carter is going to come up with a sign-up list for ALL area organizations to designate an area they would like to clean. It goes without saying that the City of Shelby is more than grateful to Shelby Junior High students & staff who have partnered with the City for nearly 10 years in cleaning the school campus, sports fields, Aronow Park, & along the Roadrunner Recreation Trail. Please contact Lorette at 424 8799 or e-mail in the next few weeks if you'd like to help out. In addition, you're encouraged to call the City Shop at 434 6664 between April 29th & May 12th to have your larger items placed on the pickup list...those items you can't get rid of on our Swap Shop program in the mornings. ALL items will be picked up by May 13th. Items NOT eligible for pick up include tires, refrigerators, freezers, batteries, & air conditioners. Items TO be picked up must be placed in the alley. Together we can all make Shelby a GREAT place to live, work, & raise our families. I have to go now & start cleaning up my work area!

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