One way would be by reading the book, "Voice Acting For Dummies! Stephanie Ciccarelli & David Ciccarelli, Founders,, have come up with a "book for dummies" to learn how to: get into character, create a demo, prepare for an audition, & land their dream role! Voice acting is a unique career where the actor's voice can be heard worldwide-in commercials, audiobooks, animated movies, documentaries, telephone systems, & other stuff. But where does you start? This "Voice Acting For Dummies" book gives you step-by-step explanations & an abundance of examples from everything on how to find your signature voice, how to create a demo, how to audition, & how to book jobs. I guess a good example of these skills would be Seth MacFarlane, who not only does the voice for Peter Griffin on "Family Guy", but also Brian-The-Dog, Stewie Griffin, & Glenn Quagmire. If you'd like to get into the swinging, swirling world of show business, check out the book, a Branded Imprint of Wiley. Go to for videos, step-by-step examples, how-to articles, or to shop. Who's your favorite "character" on Family Guy? Mine's Brian-The-Dog-Griffin!

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