That's what we're doing these Tuesday nights during "Montana History" at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. Last week, we started the book, "Glacier From the Inside Out-Best stories from The Inside Trail". The individual stories in this book edited by Ray Djuff & Chris Morrison are 1st person accounts covering a century of park history as told by those who know glorious Glacier best, the insiders. They tell of coming-of-age experiences in a mountain paradise, of characters past & present, & of lessons learned to last a lifetime.  I'm enjoying the heck out of these stories & if I were 10 years younger & didn't have the responsibility of doing the Puffman Show, I would "hire on"as a bellhop or chamber maid up there this summer. I can't believe you get paid to work & live in this spectacular glacier paradise. The 1st 27 pages of stories & tales from former Glacier National Park workers have been truly delightful & I can't wait to crack open this read tonight. See you up at the Marias Heritage Center this evening (Tuesday) at 6 for more "Montana History". I think I also might do well being a gear jammer driving one of those red jammers up & down the Going To The Sun Highway!

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