The Toole County Mental Health Advisory Board will be holding its monthly meeting at High Noon tomorrow (Thursday) out at Ringside Ribs here in Shelby. At tomorrow's noon meeting, they'll be addressing the "Goals & objectives" for the priorities that were determined to be important & feasible at last month's meeting. Speaking of goals...when creating a Community Health Improvement Plan, Health People 202 is an excellent source for national goals. Visit their website . Our State Health Improvement Plan is the BEST resource for statewide goals HERE:  Toole County Mental Health Advisory Board members are asked to research how the advisory board could achieve progress in addressing the goals & objectives that were discussed at last month's meeting. I'll be doing some of that research myself as soon as I figure out how to type in these LONGGGGGGGGGGGG website addresses! Unfortunately I missed last month's meeting because I was buried in sports brackets.