The book is a beautiful heart tugging presentation and I'm looking forward to this Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 when the author joins me live on the air on the Puffman Show. She's Jan Schwartz, Ph.D and Jan's penned the story of Oscar. This book is an adventurous true story of love and courage as Jan writes about her dog, Oscar, and the 9 year old Golden Retriever's response to cancer. "Last Summer with Oscar" is filled with anecdotes that inspire love and a true belief in the potential of humanity. "Last Summer with Oscar" is Jan's first book and it is her fervent hope that the information she shares in Oscar's story will create new avenues of interest for research into effective treatments for dog cancer. I haven't read the book yet (plan to this weekend) but it is MY fervent hope that this compelling story has a happy ending. If Oscar dies at the end, I'll probably take the gas pipe. See you Tuesday afternoon for the story of Oscar, the dog.

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