Our 30th Annual KSEN/K 96 Radio Auction kicked off at 9 this morning (Thursday) and there's excitement in the air and ON the air. I've had a chance to look over many of the auction items and the selection and quality is better than ever this year. We'll remain on the air in the auction room until 5 o'clock this afternoon and this truly is the market place of the airwaves. We invite you to listen and call in to take advantage of these spectacular offers. We have everything from truck beds to tires to lunch and dinner at your favorite dining spots and watering holes. Many of the items are posted on our website, ksenam.com. The phones are literally ringing off the hook and it's a blast talking with old friends and neighbors. Our toll free number from anywhere in the state of Montana is 800 726 KSEN. The number for our Cut Bank area listeners is 873 2872, in Conrad 271 7589 and of course, here in Shelby at the main plant, 434 5241. We look forward to your calls and your visits to our 30th Annual KSEN/K 96 Radio Auction. I must get back to the auction room now and pass along more great values and savings to our listeners here in the Golden Triangle.

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