The 18th Annual Montana Storytelling Roundup kicks off next Friday (April 27th) in Cut Bank and the entertainment slate this year looks better than ever. As I blogged earlier this week, on Monday, I'll be talking with the monastic composer/song writer Aleka. She'll be joining me at 4:30 Monday afternoon on the Puffman Show. I have another very special guest from this year's Montana Storytelling Roundup on Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 and she has quite a story to tell herself. In fact, she's written quite a story! She's Kathleen Ann Connelly Kipp, and Kathleen, who's an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Tribe, has written "Berry Boy-In the Buffalo Days". This tome is set in the early 1800's during the time of the horse culture. The Blackfeet Indians acquired the horse in the 1600-1700's and it was a time of minimal European contact and before the westward expansion reached the Blackfeet. Kathleen's book is based on historical hunting practices of the Blackfeet Indians or Pikuni (Small Scabby Robes) as they were known to other Tribes. Kathleen lives on a working cattle ranch north of Browning with her husband, Joe. She's been teaching elementary students for the past 30 years. She'll be at Storytellers next Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. I'm looking forward to talking with her this Wednesday afternoon and I'm really looking forward to the Storytelling Roundup this weekend in Cut Bank at the high school. We are so fortunate here in the Golden Triangle to have this caliber of entertainment and I feel that it is most important that we all come out and support it every spring. See you this weekend at the 18th Annual Montana Storytelling Roundup at the high school in Cut Bank.

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