34 pages to go...that's all that's left in the LOOOOOOOOOOOONGEST book I've ever read during Montana History up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby!. I'll be there tonight (Tuesday) at 6 o'clock SHARP, & hopefully, we can get at least half through the 34 FINAL pages of former Kalispell Attorney James E. Murphy's tome, "Half Interest in a Silver Dollar: The Saga of Charles E. Conrad," AND a "Tome" it is! I suspect that Barrister Murphy "invented" the word "Tome!" Thankfully it's 50 cents of the dollar...I fear if he would have done the whole dollar, I would end up in the "Great library in the sky" before we were done. Even now, I've thought at times I would end up being one of the permanent residents at the Heritage before the book ended! Whoever said, "Nothing lasts forever, obviously hadn't read "Half Interest in a Silver Dollar!" That said, it's a great read & I'm looking forward to reading more, & I mean MORE, Montana History tonight at 6 at the Heritage. No napping allowed.