That's been the Puffman's motto for years, & tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 7:30, I'm giving away the book, "Live Happy," authored by Deborah K. Heisz & the editors of "Live Happy" magazine. You'll have a mile long grin as you read about 10 practices for choosing joy. I'm jacking my jaws about stories & wisdom of everyday happiness. Why not! Last Sunday was OFFICIALLY the International Day of happiness, not to be confused with the International House of Pancakes...which also makes me happy! "Live Happy" PROVES that authentic happiness is a choice ALL of us can make. Check out the hardcover "Live happy" by Deborah Heisz from HarperElixir, an Imprint of HarperCollins/Publishers (it went on sale the 15th of this month!,) & then listen to WIN Saturday morning on Puffman Sports Trivia. I've put together a "Pugilistic" sports trivia question for the'll like it, it will make you HAPPY!