I've been anxiously waiting to hear from "Tall" Todd, the custom cutter guy who does his "magic" in our Golden Triangle every harvest season. Todd reports in Denver this week they had some 22 inches of snow with the interstate closed from Denver to Hays, Kansas. I don't know much about Hays, Kansas, outside of the fact that Gunsmoke's' Marshal Dillon used to go there for "Official Business" from time to time. Hays was probably the "Corp office!" A Hays farmer reported that he could see a couple of hundred trucks sitting along the road. The temperature in Leoti, Kansas (west-central) registered 25 degrees. Todd, at last report, was in Vernon, Texas, & the temperature there was in the mid 80's with a 40 mph wind that had been blowing for the last 3 days. He said that the crops are in need of moisture & cooler weather. "Tall" Todd is finishing work on combine headers & plans on heading north with his headers to spend the Easter holiday up north here with family. It won't be long & "Tall" Todd will be cutting right here in our Golden Triangle. I'll keep you posted on my Puffman "Ag" Blog.