As summer slowly slips away and Labor Day comes bounding in, it's time to draw the curtain on the Old Fishing Hole for another season. This weekend's program will be the last until spring. It seems like only a second ago that it was the first week in May and I was getting ready for this summer's programs. It's been a great summer on the lakes, streams, and rivers here in North Central Montana. Lake Francis at Valier has had more water this summer than in years and you all know the story about Lake Elwell-Tiber! How high's the water Dallas! Fresno over in Hill County continues to amaze me the past couple of years. Being the Executive Producer of the Old Fishing Hole has not been without it challenges, but when I took on the position, I already knew that going in. I couldn't have done it without the help of my friends like Rovin' Groven in Havre, Dallas Denter in Chester (and Dennis Hanson too), Bob Kovach down in Valier, and of course, Bruce Auchly from Fish, Wildlife, and Parks in Great Falls. Having the opportunity to do the Old Fishing Hole is like anything else in this business: it's not "a job", it's fun and I can't believe I get paid for doing something that I love doing. Thanks go out also for our KSEN/K 96 Fishing Hole sponsors, Busch Beer distributed by Eagle Beverage, the Oasis Bar in Shelby, and Northern Ford in Car Town. They make it all possible. Hope you can all tune in this week and weekend for the final Old Fishing Hole broadcast of the season. If I had my druthers, I'd like to continue into the fall and winter months with some ice fishing action. Can you say "igloo?"