The world famous Leo Pearlstein is my special guest this afternoon (Tuesday) at 4:35 on the Puffman Show. Leo's a "real PEARL"  and has been on my program the past couple of years around this...soon-to-be...festive holiday cooking time. Pearlstein is the president of Lee & Associates, Inc. in Los Angeles and its home economics division, Western Research Kitchens. The man (he's wearing a chef's hat most of the time these days) has guided his Research Kitchens for more than 50 years in creating the country's most popular stuffing recipes. Leo is also the author of "Celebrity Stew" and "Recipes of the Stars. I'll be giving away a copy of Leo's infamous book, "Mrs. Cubbison's Best Stuffing Cookbook-Sensational stuffings for poultry, meats, fish, side dishes, and more."  I promise you after this afternoon's interview, you'll probably know more about stuffing that you could have ever imagined or would ever wanted to know.  As a mid west broadcasting guru,  says,
"so many possibilities, so many possibilities!"  Whatever else you do for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners this year, don't stuff until you listen to Puff. I know that my interview with Mr. Perlstein went over well last year because right after the interview, I received a phone call from an avid listening telling me to "stuff it".