Pondera & Teton Counties, in conjunction with The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), The Department of Natural Resources (DNRC) and city officials, will be holding a public meeting on Thursday April 12, 2012 to discuss the impacts of energy development. The meeting will be held from 6 to 10 p.m. at the Conrad High School Auditorium in Conrad.

The potential for rapid growth in oil and gas development has prompted questions and concerns about the impacts to communities and the environment. This meeting will feature experts knowledgeable about oil and gas well development and extraction processes, protecting potable water aquifers and the regulations for creating new trailer courts and campgrounds.

The agenda will include:

Welcome and introductions from county officials


*Tom Richmond, DNRC, Board of Oil & Gas, Billings Office, will present information on

hydraulic fracturing.

* Joe Meek, DEQ, will discuss shallow groundwater and drinking water well protection.

* Scott Irvin, DNRC will discuss water right permitting processes.

* Pam Converse, Pondera Weed Coordinator will discuss Noxious Weed Management Plans

required for gravel pits.

* Dan Stahly, Pondera County Planner, will discuss development regulations.


* Steve Kilbreath, DEQ, will discuss developing RV spaces, mobile home parks, or

subdividing to provide housing.


The panel will be available for questions, comments, or discussions.