I realize that not everyone is a sports fan but I think when March Madness comes around, it's like the World Series...we all get our interest peaked in seeing who goes home with all the marbles.

KSEN AM 1150 will be broadcasting the mens' round ball championship this evening beginning at 6PM. Who are you rooting for? There's a lot to be said for Connecticut but I get the feeling that most of us root for the underdog, the small man, the upstart and Butler seems to fill that order again this season.

Yours truly the Puffman has even got caught up in the excitement himself. It seems like only yesterday I thought some team from Alaska was in the tournament because I kept hearing Gary Goodan talking about Yukon(?). I thought how did ALASKA ever get into this tournament. Now I've come to learn that what sportscaster Goodan is saying is, "U-Con", the University of Connecticut. Gary explained to me this morning that the team is called  U-Con because "University of Connecticut wouldn't fit on the uniforms unless the players had real broad shoulders". This is just another reason why Gary is sports director and I stick to fishing. At any rate, let the best team win and tune in tonight at 6 for all the action. This has been one memorable season.