My special guest at 4:30 this afternoon on the Puffman Show will be Tim Belton. Tim's an architect in Wyoming who says he's been able to recognize many veterans' reluctance to share their feelings.One out of every 3 combat vets will struggle with feelings of isolation, thoughts of suicide, interpersonal conflicts or a host of other mental health problems according to statistics. My guest today has developed a handheld wheel device called the AnwerRing for Combat Veterans. Tim will be discussing common post deployment issues with me this afternoon and explain how his device works. He claims that a military veteran can dial in one of many common problems, then how the problem makes them feel next, what their reaction is to this problem, and finally, what they think about doing as a result. Tim says this process covers 117,000 different scenarios in a matter of minutes and is totally private. 117,000! That's more blogs than the Puffman has written!!  I'll see you this afternoon (Friday).