John Kruse, host of the Northwestern Outdoorsman, assures me that 5am is not too early for outdoor enthusiasts to be up and tuned in on a Sunday morning, so that's when we're airing his weekly 1-hour program on K96fm. The show highlights hunting, fishing and other recreational activities in Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon.
This weekend on the show there is a lot of fishing going on in the Northwest!  Many are going trout fishing, but John will also bring you tips on catching walleye and bass from tournament angler and former fishing guide Levi Meseberg from MarDon Resort as well as Jim Martin from Griggs in Pasco.  Scott Moldenhauer with Sportsman's Warehouse in Helena has got a Central Montana Fishing Report and Milt Gudgell with Pacific Salmon charters covers the coastal fishing scene from the mouth of the Columbia River.  It's not all fishing though.  He'll also talk to Jack Hooper with Babine Guide Outfitters near Smithers, British Columbia about the big game hunting opportunities waiting for you north of the border from spring through fall this year.  Kyla Merwin is back with another Oregon Road Tripper Report as well, focusing on canoeing and kayaking on the Willamette River.  Throw in a flood of upcoming events and we've got a whole bunch of the great outdoors coming your way this weekend!