(WEST GLACIER, MONT.) – The Board of Directors of the Glacier Association (formerly the Glacier Natural History Association) and the Board of Trustees of the Glacier National Park Fund are excited to invite you to help us create a new look for our merged identity - Glacier National Park Conservancy (effective January 1, 2013). Create your own idea for a logo with a graphic or sit down with your kids and markers, paints, crayons, a computer, etc. to capture their idea or work with an art class to create their idea.  Your ideas will help us promote stewardship and support for the Conservancy - whose goal is to generate additional financial support for the Park in an era of reduced federal budgets through increased private fundraising and philanthropic activities, and through continued operation of the bookstores within Glacier National Park and at other federal agency partner sites in Montana.

 This is an open CALL to supporters, friends, families and students of all ages. The intent of the logo idea contest is to combine your talent with the heart of generous donors/members and the inspiring beauty of GlacierNational Park…in order to come up with an image that will portray the Conservancy’s support for GlacierNational Park. The winner of the logo idea contest will receive an “America the Beautiful” annual park pass, The first 100 Years: the Story of Glacier National Park by Carol Guthrie, a Glacier National Park Conservancy blanket and a Billy Bowman stuffed mountain goat, the Fund’s current mascot.

 Here are a few guidelines that you will need to know….

  • The contest is open to everyone.
  • Participants may submit logo ideas to the Glacier National Park Fund’s Facebook Page or send by email to
  • The theme of the contest is….The World’sBestBackyardPark.
  • All artwork/designs/logo ideas must include the letters GNPC or the name Glacier National Park Conservancy.
  • The winning idea will be the launching point for our new logo.  A professional artist will then be hired to actually create the official logo from the winning idea.
  • Designs/graphics which contain copyright images or artwork coming from clip-arts will not be considered.
  • The online logo idea contest runs from October 15 through November 2, 2012. Just upload your logo idea to the Fund’s Facebook Page or send by email to by4pm onNovember 2, 2012.
  • A short list of 3 to 5 designs will be chosen from the contest entries by the Selection Committee. The short list will be contacted and publicly announced after November 12th.
  • The logo idea contest winner will be announced by the end of November.

Please go to for full details and information about the logo idea contest, how to submit your creative idea and how the winner will be selected.



The Glacier National Park Fund was established in 1999 as the non-profit fundraising partner for GlacierNational Park. The Fund’s mission is to support the preservation and protection of the natural beauty and cultural heritage of GlacierNational Park, through private philanthropy, for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.  To date, the Glacier National Park Fund has provided over $3.5M in support of the Park.  For further information about the Glacier National Park Fund, go to or call 406-892-3250.


The Glacier Association is a non-profit cooperating association of the National Park Service that supports education and interpretation through the sale of books and other merchandise at the visitor centers in GlacierNational Parkand at other federal agency sites.  Originally formed in 1941 and incorporated in 1946, the Association has provided more than 70 years of monetary and in-kind assistance for GlacierNational Parkand these other sites. For more information about the Glacier Association, go to or call 406-888-5756.