Don't do it! That's what Zac Unger says & he's out with his new book, "Never Look A Polar Bear In The Eye". The hardcover went on sale last month & it's a real page turner. Unger took a "family field trip" to the Arctic's Edge in search of adventure, truth, & mini-marshmallows & lived to tell & write about it. This self-proclaimed (& self-deprecating) tree hugger headed north to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming the James Bond of vertebrate zoology. He actually moved his wife & 3 children from sunny California to Churchill, Manitoba: The Polar Bear Capital of the World!  Unger had planned to expose the callous, consumer-crazy society that is killing off the polar bears, & just maybe save them. As it turned out,according to Unger, that fuzzy face that has become the symbol for the dangers of climate change may just outlive us all. This is a riveting read & is a whale...or should I say...a bear of a tale. Both a rollicking read & a serious & surprising look at "polar bear science," "Never Look A Polar Bear In The Eye" is a book for those who want to save the planet & those who aren't convinced it needs saving. Check it out, it's from, a member of the perseus books group. In the meantime, dial 675-BEAR!