I was up at the Marias Heritage Center last night (Tuesday) reading "Montana History" with our Tuesday night regulars. We've already finished 29 chapters in "Forever Friends-The journey of two families from Civil War Virginia to Montana Territory 1860-1868". It's the award winning Helena author Lenore McKelvey Puhek's third book in a series featuring pioneer women. (her last name rhymes with Buick but she's taking buses these days). What a story this is. You think we have problems now-a-days! Last night we found out that Joesph (you read it here first!) was really a young girl named Josephine who had joined the Confederate Army. She confessed all to Jeremiah last night and now, a few pages later, it appears they both have "eyes for one another" if you catch my drift. Meanwhile, Jeremiah's true love is up in Boston and she's about to get proposed to by the rich doctor who is tutoring her. If all this is not enough, Jeremiah and Joesph (you can call me Josie honey) are on the lam from the Army and heading up to Montana. Lenore is a great author and she certainly knows how to keep the reader engaged from page 1 until the end. I'm hooked on this read. Looking forward to returning to the Heritage next Tuesday evening at six. And who do YOU think Amelia should marry???