Summer is over - let's get going on some football!! KSEN will bring you the CJI at Centerville game on Saturday afternoon, followed by the Montana State at Arkansas State game at 4:30. We'll also be keeping you up to date on other games around the area as well as the Choteau Invitational Volleyball Tournament. As always - we need your help!! If you find yourself at a game (and let's face it - that could happen) We can always use an update, just take out your phone and shoot a text to 406-470-4817 (KSEN Sports Phone) and we'll pass on your update on the air.

Our sports club team schedules are posted on our websites - just click "Sports Schedules" on our menu,  you'll see a list of the schedules we've got. Our broadcast schedule will appear later today.

Keep your radio dial tuned to KSEN AM 1150 and KZIN 96.7 FM throughout the weekend for all the latest in sports scores and news! You can always download RadioPup from the App Store (or Play Store) and play your favorite station while you're away from the radio too!

Remember - KSEN Radio - All the Sports - All The Time!