It's Earl C. Harris's new tome, "Shadows: A Diamond in The Rough". Author/writer Harris was born in Jamaica & immigrated to the U.S. more than 30 years ago. When he lived in Jamaica, his life was very poor. For the poorer class, according to Mr. Harris, life was most difficult. Making plans for the future was not something one could easily grasp. Seeing what life was all about, Harris personally wanted to leave his native home to see the world. The man has some real "life lessons" in this heavy read. Now that he's experienced both worlds, he says that he loves the life of poverty in the sense that poverty has its advantages & some disadvantages. Mr. Harris points out that people of great wealth operate like they have all the advantages in everything in life while with poverty, most of the time, a person lives a very simple lifestyle, & being content, a person can be much more healthy than those who live in rich powerful countries or islands. Personally, I'm not sure that I agree. I've tried both & although money can't buy you happiness, you can "rent it" if you have enough bucks. In all seriousness, Mr. Harris does make some very valid points in his book &, no doubt, lessons that ALL of us need to digest & take to heart. For one, he says that he doesn't have time to waste. Each person's life is more valuable than all the wealth of this world. Mr. Harris says that "We should value each other much more than we have in the past". He covers the gamut...major hardships, sickness & death, human pain & suffering, & our relationship with our Creator. The man truly has a story to tell & some valuable teaching for all of us. I encourage you to check out "Shadows; A Diamond in The Rough" available at bookstores or by calling 716 563 9883. Are You a "Diamond in the "ROUGH"? Take a tip from "PUFF", read the book & find out for yourself! You might be very much surprised!