We're still enjoying "The Hi-Line; Profiles Of A Montana Land" by Daniel N. Vichorek at our Tuesday evening "Montana History" reading up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby, & I'll be up there tonight (Tuesday) at 6 o'clock to continue with this panoramic view of what, I think, is the BEST place out here in the "Last Best Place".. This tome begins in Whitefish & travels the infamous Empire Builder route through our Treasure State with stops in Browning, Cut Bank, & Shelby where even our mayor, Larry J. Bonderud gets a nice mention or two! Author Vichorek, a Livingston native, says that "There actually are people living in Montana who don't know what the Hi-Line is, where it is, or even how to spell it".I know all that, but sometimes I have a hard time finding my way up to the Heritage Center. I'm never quite sure whether to turn right after I come off the viaduct or to go up the street a couple of blocks & take a right on the street that runs up by the O'haire Manor!  Either way seems to get me there however! (I still wish that Bonderud would put a stop light down there!) Vichorek chooses a working definition of the Hi-Line, that is, extending along the Great Northern rails & Highway 2 from North Dakota to the great Continental Divide. He gives the facts himself, but he lets the people who live on & LOVE their Hi-Line do the real explaining in this fascinating read. I'm already looking forward to reading more tonight at the Heritage Center. Fasten your seat belts & come along for this reading ride!