I note that my friend, the Gabby Cabby, Peter Franklin, the New York City cab driver, has started a "new feature" on his website. It's a new weekly blog about food called "Mrs. Gabby's Kitchen". Funny, I always thought her last name would be and/or should be "Franklin" and not "Gabby". I can't help but think the Gab Man started this feature after reading a few of the Puffman Blogs. That's okay, there's room for both of us in this blog game although I do a DAILY blog and his "Mrs. Gabby-what's-cooking deal" will only appear weekly. I guess that I have more to say more often more of the time. I'll be talking with Pete this afternoon (Tuesday) at 4:35 long distance from New York City! Pete has an interesting tale about some kind of carpet bagging Canadian bank that somehow managed to change their name to their initials and set up shop in this country. It also sounds like the school system that taught Pete a lot of what he knows, is broken these days, not to mention the True Tale about getting tossed out of Starbuck's on your ear. This certainly wouldn't happen at our own Prairie Peddler here in Shelby. If you're an animal lover, Peter has a True Tale that will break your heart this afternoon. There's a lot of stuff going on in the big city back east...an airplane pilot got stuck in the plane bathroom as they were landing at LaGuardia not to mention that this year, a pizza joint in Midtown has gone all out and come up with some Thanksgiving Pizza! I'll bet you won't find that in Mrs. Gabby's Kitchen. See you this afternoon at 4:35 for the Gabby Cabby. With Thanksgiving almost here, I can't wait until it gets closer to Christmas and Pete can tell the story about eating Chinese food on a Christmas Eve a number of years ago when he was stuck in a winter blizzard in Northeastern Pennsylvania.The snow was falling Pete was poor, it was dark, and every other eatery was closed for Christmas. I cry every time I hear it. In fact, I cry every time I talk with Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby. And if you're reading this Gab Man...I do a Puffman Blog EVERYDAY! By the way, Pete's website is: Gabby.com.