(COLUMBIA FALLS, MONT.) – The Glacier National Park Fund (GNPF) is pleased to announce that Roundup For Safety supported by Flathead Electric has recently made a grant to the Fund to support the purchase of a military grade, high-tech night vision monocular for Glacier National Park. 

The Park has many emergency incidents throughout the year that require the deployment of rangers and emergency service workers at night.  The ability to monitor and detect activity at night contributes directly to the safety of visitors to the Park by enabling effective incident management – which includes enhanced search and rescue of accident victims or over-due hikers as well as the detection of suspects in emergency law enforcement incidents.  The monocular will be shared by search and rescue personnel and law enforcement rangers in order to maximize their effectiveness and safety in low light and night situations.  All visitors to Glacier will ultimately benefit by the increase in safety due to higher effectiveness at night. In 2011, Roundup For Safety donated over $235,000 to local organizations for safety needs.

Jane Ratzlaff said, “We appreciate Roundup For Safety’s continued support for equipment needs in Glacier National Park that contribute to the safety and well-being of all visitors to the Park.  We are very fortunate to have local support from Roundup For Safety and Flathead Electric to help enable effective incident management within Glacier National Park.”

The Glacier National Park Fund is the non-profit fund raising partner for Glacier National Park. The Fund’s mission is to support the preservation and protection of the natural beauty and heritage of Glacier National Park for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.  For further information about GNPF, go to www.glacierfund.org or call 406-892-3250.