The Ol' Fishing Hole is officially kicking off again for another spring and summer fishing season and the first broadcast of this year will be this afternoon (Thursday) at 5:30 on both KSEN AM 1150 and KZIN FM-K 96. The usual cast of suspects will be returning this year including Rovin' Don Groven from Havre and Don will be giving us the latest updates on Lake Fresno near Havre. Dallas Denter will be joining us with all the Tiber action from Chester (the man sells bait and Red Wing shoes from his cleaners in Chester). Bob Kovatch reports from Lake Francis at Valier, and Bruce Auchly from Fish, Wildlife, and Parks headquarters down in Great Falls will be here again on the program this season. I've got a new guest this season...he's Beep (not Honk, BEEP) Grant from the brand spanking new Glacier Family Foods in Browning. I'm looking forward to getting to know Beep, and they tell me that's he the man to talk with as far as the fishing action at Duck Lake is concerned. With these experts and great fishermen, we'll find out everything we need to know as far as what's biting, where the best spots to drop your lines are, and some really good fishing advice, not to mention some great fishing tales. Kovatch down at the Lighthouse always has a good fishing joke or two to share and last year I was kicking the slats out of my cradle at some of his knee slappers. Occasionally I check in with my friend in Minnesota, Rochester attorney Dan Moulton, who lets me know what's going on out on the mighty Mississippi. Besides, I have a weak queasy stomach and Dan is kind enough to place the hook into the worms for me when I fish in Minnesota. I'm always afraid it will hurt the worm and/or if the danged worm will start bleeding all over me. If it has ANYTHING to do with fishing, I want to know about it and pass that information along to you on our Old Fishing Hole. See you this afternoon (Thursday) at 5:30 on KSEN/K 96.