McEwen Family
Since we are first generation on our ranch, our story will be a little different than most you have read.   Our story begins south of Malta.  Dave had graduated from Colorado State University and was working for a rancher 60 miles south of Malta...
Tumbleweed Ranch
What is the name of your farm or ranch and where is it located?
Tumbleweed Ranch is located between Conrad and Shelby, right along side I-15. We are one of very few ranches that are right along side the interstate, and we receive a lot of comments this time of year about all of the baby calves …
Graham Ranch
Lisa Schmidt and Steve Hutton raise natural, grass-fed beef and lamb at the Graham Ranch near Conrad.
They have two children; Will, 13, and Abby, 5.
East Bench Cattle
Written by: Cassidy Brunner
In today’s economy building a family ranch and farm isn’t always the easiest and as some say it can’t be done because working with family just doesn’t work! I, Cassidy Brunner, have been working with my dad on…
Hawks Angus
Submitted by Janet Hawks
What is the name of your farm or ranch and where is it located?
Hawks Angus is the name and we are located in the Northern Liberty County.

Who started the operation and has it been passed down through your family? Or was i...
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Ag Day Poster Winner
National Ag Day Poster Art Contest Winner
A winning piece of art has been chosen as the Official National Ag Day Poster
The Agriculture Council of America (ACA) and Meredith AgriMedia encouraged young artists to celebrate modern agriculture through the 3rd annual National Ag Day Poster Art Contest...
Pass It On – MSU Extension Offers Estate Planning Workshops
Who do you want to receive your property after you pass away....immediate family, distant relatives, and charities?  If you don't have a will then Montana Law determines who receives your assets.   Dr. Marsha Goetting, MSU Extension Family Economics Specialist will answer questions and also explore …
Think Spring- MSU Extension Gardening Workshop
Thursday, March 5, 7-9pm at the Glacier County Courthouse Annex, Cut Bank.
Join Glacier County Extension and Level 3 Master Gardener Connie Olson for an evening of gardening fun and learning. Topics include building a potato growing box, selecting potato varietie…
March 18th is National Ag Day 2015
March 18th has been designated as National Ag Day 2015. Ag day is an opportunity for producers, ag associations, corporations, universities, government agencies and countless others across America gather to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by American agriculture...

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