Life was anything but a cakewalk for the protagonist in the riveting read we're currently enjoying Tuesday nights up at the Marias Heritage Center. I'll be there at 6 o'clock STRAIGHT UP tonight (Tuesday) to continue on with "When Montana and I Were Young-A Frontier Childhood." Meet Margaret (Peggy) Bell...hers was not a typical childhood. Bell was barely 7 when her mom died, & her stepfather, Hedge Wolfe, moved Bell & her 3 younger half-sisters far from their nurturing grandmother to the Canadian plains & a life of extreme poverty, hardship, & abuse. Man! I think things are tough for me when I attempt to read the basketball brackets! Only 44 some pages into the book & it's a real bucket of funk for sure. I'll be back for some more when I read more Montana History in "When Montana and I Were Young" tonight at 6 up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby.

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