Here is the schedule of hearings for the state legislature this week. To listen in on any of the hearings, click HERE.

Monday – January 16 – Legislative Day 11

Senate Business, Labor, and Economic Affairs – Room 422, 8am

SB69 – Create task force to study public employee health benefits (Mary Moe)

 Senate Natural Resources – Room 303, 3pm

SB42 – Revise the major facility siting act (Dick Barrett)

 House Business and Labor – Room 172, 8:30am

HB169 – Raise minimum wage in Montana (Mary Ann Dunwell)

HB179 – Clarify failure to return rental-purchase item not subject to criminal liability (Jean Price)

HB198 – Revise distribution of death certificate fee increase (Kirk Wagoner)

 House Energy, Technology, and Federal Relations – Room 472, 3pm

HB21 – Establish benefits and retirement security task force (Jim Keane)

House Human Services – Room 152, 3pm

HB177 – Revise administration of immunization laws (Janet Ellis)

HB195 – Revise laws related to pharmacies and prescription drugs (Kenneth Holmlund)

HB201 – Provide for appointment of court-appointed special advocate as guardian ad litem (Rob Cook)

 House Judiciary – Room 137, 8am

HB62 – Department of Revenue to collect fees for public defender services (Randy Brodehl)

HB70 – Strengthening guardianship services and creating a WINGS group (Jessica Karjala)

HB77 – Revise public defender system and provide for a director hired by governor (Randy Brodehl)

 House Natural Resources – Room 172, 3pm

HB124 – Require education program for water commissioners (Sharon Stewart-Peregoy)

HB140 – Clarify water commissioner appointments (Sharon Stewart-Peregoy)

House Transportation – Room 455, 3pm

HB152 – Authorize counties to establish junk vehicle capital improvement funds (Tom Welch)

HB180 – Restrict cell phone use in work and school zones (Denley Loge)

HB205 – Revise tax laws related to vehicles (Alan Redfield)

Tuesday – January 17 – Legislative Day 12

Senate Judiciary – Room 303, 8am

SB59 – Generally revise criminal justice laws (Cynthia Wolken

SB60 – Generally revise criminal justice laws (Cynthia Wolken

SB61 – Require certain facilities providing behavioral health services to be licensed by DPHHS (Cynthia Wolken)

SB63 – Revise laws related to supervision of offenders/defendants (Cynthia Wolken)

SB64 – Generally revise laws related to the board of pardons and parole (Cynthia Wolken)

Wednesday – January 18 – Legislative Day 13

Senate Business, Labor, and Economic Affairs – Room 422, 8am

SB75 – Establish a Montana trade center in Calgary (Dee Brown)

Senate Judiciary – Room 303, 8am

SB65 – Generally revise laws regarding housing options for offenders (Cynthia Wolken)

SB66 – Generally revise the crime victims compensation act (Cynthia Wolken)

SB67 – Generally revise offender intervention program laws (Cynthia Wolken

SJ3 – Interim study of tribal resources for mbrs involved in criminal justice system (Cynthia Wolken)



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