"Remember You Young" is one of the most nostalgic tracks on a nostalgic album, Thomas Rhett's 2019 project, Center Point RoadThe song looks back at the people in Rhett's life he loves the most, and remembers them in the early days of his relationships with them. Read on to learn the story behind the song, told by Rhett himself.

"Remember You Young" is definitely one of my favorite songs I've gotten to write in my career, just because it really does list off all the important people in my life -- whether it's my best friends or my wife or my kids.

We were originally just writing it about my wife, and we finished one version and then decided to go and re-write the entire song. We went back and told stories about my friends growing up, and talked about my babies. Because I think when you go back and view people in your life that you love, they're always kind of in their prime or in their youth. Whenever I look at my wife, I kind of always see her at 16. When I look at my kids, I always see them at four and two. When I see my best friends, I see us being idiots even though we've become dads and we're 30.

I love the sentiment of what that says -- to just always remain youthful and remain young, no matter how old you get. So that's kind of where the inspiration came from. Me and Jesse Frasure and Ashley Gorley wrote that song one day on a bus in Arkansas, and it's been really cool to see what the song has done since the beginning. Before it even came out, we were playing it in our live show, and people were learning the words off YouTube. Now that it's out on the radio, it's pretty cool to see the reaction.

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