Tonight's the last Tuesday night in December, & I'll be reporting for duty at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby to read & share some more Montana History. We're only through about half the saga of Charles E. Conrad in Kalispell attorney James E. Murphy's fascinating book, "Half Interest in a Silver Dollar," & we love it! Attorney Murphy was active in politics having served in the legislature of both the states of Missouri AND Montana. Barrister Murphy participated in negotiations for the gift of the Conrad Mansion to the city of Kalispell & was active in its restoration & operation. His friendship with Alicia Conrad Campbell made possible hours of conversation & interviews with her which became the outline for the book we're reading now at the Heritage. See you at 6 o'clock SHARP tonight for Montana History at the Heritage. After this evening, I won't be returning to the Heritage until 2016! Happy New Year & stay warm.