Scotty McCreery and wife Gabi announced on June 21 that they are expecting their first child, a boy, in November, and now they're sharing some adorable photos of the joyous announcement with fans.

Accompanying the announcement were a few sweet photos from Peopleshowing Gabi displaying her baby bump and the baby's ultrasound photos while McCreery held a little pair of cowboy boots. The two even got their dog, Moose, in on the action, sharing a photo of him between the couple with the ultrasound photos and cowboy boots in the frame.

Since the announcement, Gabi has posted even more adorable pregnancy photos from the shoot. In a post from earlier this week, Gabi shared a collection of new photos showing the couple smiling and laughing in a field with the ultrasound photos and baby-sized cowboy boots. Gabi looks radiant in a white dress and high boots, and they even shared a few more snaps of Moose, who seems to be content with the news.

"Just sharing a few more of our fave new fam pics," Gabi wrote alongside the photos. "Feeling very blessed and thankful for all the kind words this week! We can’t wait to share our little man with y’all."

McCreery and Gabi shared news of their pregnancy exclusively with People, saying they made the decision to start a family after spending a few years being alone together as a married couple.

"We always knew we wanted kids, but we always knew we wanted the first few years to travel and have time on the road, to see things and experience life," McCreery shared. "We've gotten to live a lot of life and do some cool things, so seems like now's a good time to settle down a little and expand the family."

The couple also described the way in which Gabi told McCreery the good news of her pregnancy, but the surprise didn't exactly go according to plan.

McCreery and Gabi married in June of 2018 after dating in high school. Gabi has had a successful career as a pediatric nurse, which she believes will aid her as she enters motherhood.

"Even just down to changing diapers multiple times in a day, and figuring out how to soothe the baby when they're upset, for sure has helped," she says.

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