Ryan Hurd takes us to the roller rink in the music video for his song "Pass It On." The good vibes song is the first track off his debut album, Pelago.

The video opens with Hurd walking into a fairly empty roller skating rink. His happy demeanor causes a few people to scratch their heads as he smiles and greets everyone who crosses his path. As the song progresses and Hurd's joy becomes infectious, we see more people joining the fun.

Side note: Who knew he was so good on a pair of skates?

Midway through the video, the "To a T" singer finds a cutie — his wife Maren Morris — working the concession stand. After sharing a drink with swirly straws, the two head out to the rink. Before you know it, everyone is skating and having a good time.

Hurd wrote the pay-it-forward track with Morris, Jordan Schmidt and Michael Hardy. Morris also makes an appearance on the track, coming in on the chorus.

"Pass it on / Pass it on / Pass it on to someone else / What good is your dollar or your love or your bottle / There's enough to go around / So send it on down / 'Cause you can't take it with you when you're gone," Hurd sings in the chorus.

Inspired by his childhood along the shores of Lake Michigan, Pelago was released on Oct. 15, 2021. It's the first full-length album for Hurd, who has been a songwriter in Nashville for years. His credits include No. 1 hits like Luke Bryan's "Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset" and "Lonely Tonight" from Blake Shelton, among others.

Hurd's summer calendar is dotted with fair and festival shows across the country (buy tickets here). His wife is also out on the road on her Humble Quest Tour. The two share a son, Hayes, 2, who is sure to be getting his fill of traveling this year.

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