An exciting weekend for Country Music in Las Vegas ! The annual ACM Awards will be presented to the best in country music.  It's also an emotional and important moment for Jason Aldean as he makes his musical return to Vegas, coinciding with the release of his new CD Rearview Town. Jason joins Lorianne and Charlie in studio to share his new music and what it means to him personally...

Brett Young talks about his dreams of a Major League Baseball career on this weekend's Crook & Chase Countdown. (Photo: Premiere)

Baseball season is underway and for several country music stars it was the way THEY were once headed until injuries made them realize that country music was the way....the lineup includes Brett Young among other former standouts on the diamond..

Then Parmalee is on hand and they're all fired up about their new single which is a one word title.....a word that doesn't even exist ! Well, ok fine, we'll need an excuse/explanation for that and the boys have one ! Spoiler alert, the reason doesn't make a load of sense :)
A rare, insightful, and entertaining in studio visit with one of the most successful songwriters in history. Bernie Taupin, the lyricist for Elton John for 50 years, previews Restoration, as country stars re-record the hits of Elton John, and wow, wait'll your hear about his "Distressed Mind Blog " ! Hilarious!
Lots of fun, awards, excitement, the top 30, and some hot new music including our Crook and Chase Discovery Artist, Stephanie Quayle.  All this and more awaits on this weekend's Crook and Chase Countdown !