With the Great Falls High School Class of 1964 fired up & READY for the 50th Reunion 10 weeks (& counting!) away, the next 50th Reunion Planning Meeting is scheduled for this coming Monday night, June 9th, down in Great Falls. Our 50th Reunion will be happening the weekend of Friday, August 15th through Sunday, August 17th, in Great Falls. The next reunion planning meeting is scheduled for 7 o'clock SHARP this Monday night in the Amigo Lounge (downstairs), 1200 7th Street South. Please visit the website for missing classmates, & also to see who will be attending at: www.gfhsmt1964.com & then try to attend the reunion meeting on Monday night. For more information, contact Judy Denowh Deck at 406 453 0856. I recall back when I was in high school, only the SENIORS were allowed/permitted to use the front steps/doors/entrance to the high school. The sophomores & juniors had to enter via the side or back entrances. Knowing what I do today & being the person that I am now-a-days, I think if I had to do it over, I would have used ANY entrance I WANTED to use. I seem to recall almost getting expelled from school my junior year & being put on lunch room duty in lieu of suspension for leaving school during the day & sneaking over to the corner store to load up on snacks & soft drinks. When I returned to the school, all the doors were locked & I had to bang on the front doors to gain entrance back into the building. 'Ol Dutch D cut me a break because I wasn't buying cigarettes, the school year was almost over & I was hurting as it was on enough credits to graduate on time! At this summer's reunion, I hope to find out who came up with that ludicrous "law" in the first place & give that person or persons a piece of my mid!. If anyone wants to admit to it now, please contact me on my Puffman Blog. Hope to see you this Monday night for the Reunion Planning Meeting at the Amigo.

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